How to Prepare Your Vehicle for a Road Trip

Mechanic Working on a vehicle's engine

Now that we’re in the thick of spring, the weather is improving, and people are planning their spring and summer getaways. If you have a road trip on the docket this summer, the last thing you’re going to want to deal with is car issues.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure your vehicle is ready to go the distance before your trip begins. Here are some simple ways to ensure your vehicle is ready for a road trip this spring or summer:

Check the Fluid Levels

There are so many fluids that are key to ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly – engine oil, transmission fluid, windshield wiper fluid, power steering, and more. It’s important to check that they’re all running smoothly before you leave. It’s also wise to check your vehicle’s coolant tank to confirm that it’s filled and get your oil changed, if necessary.

Check Your Brakes

If you haven’t noticed anything unusual about your brakes – that’s a good thing. They should operate so smoothly; you barely have to think about them. But if you’ve noticed any squealing noises when braking, that indicates worn brake pads. In fact, any new or odd noise coming from your brakes means you should have them professionally inspected. As stated above, it’s important to check the level of your brake fluid and fill it if necessary.

Check Your Tires

Before you leave for your trip, check your tire pressure. Low tire inflation can affect your vehicle’s fuel economy, among other issues. It’s also important to check the condition of your tire tread. One way to do this is the penny method. This involves inserting a penny upside down between the treads on each tire. If you see the top of Lincoln’s head, you’re due for a tire replacement. Meanwhile, if you notice uneven wear on the tires, you may be overdue for a rotation or alignment.

If you’re in need of any maintenance or car repair before your upcoming road trip, Master Tech Automotive and Cycle Repair is the place to go in the area of Henderson, NV. Give us a call today at  702-641-9389 to schedule an appointment.

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