When Should I Have My Vehicle’s Brakes Checked?

Brake Repair

When you’re curious about the state of your vehicle’s brakes and believe it’s time to have them checked by a professional auto repair team, it’s suggested to be on the lookout for a few common issues that can indicate a problem.

It is advised to listen for any strange noises your car may make when braking, the amount of force you use when braking, the color of any leaking fluid from your vehicle and more.

If you don’t notice these issues, but you’ve gone a long period without having your brakes checked, it is also suggested to have them looked at by a professional team.

You hear strange noises when braking

One of the tell-tale signs that your brakes are in need of repairs is when they begin to make strange squeaking or squealing noises.

If you remember that your brakes have made noise recently, listen closely the next time you back out of your driveway or stop quickly at a light. If you begin to regularly hear these noises, it is suggested to bring your vehicle to an auto repair shop as soon as possible.

More force is required to brake

Another way to tell if your brakes are in need of repairs is if more force is required to come to a complete stop. If you are forced to stop quickly and feel the need to slam all the way down on the brake to come to a complete stop, you’ll need to have your brakes checked.

If you believe your brakes are good enough to get by, you may be opening yourself up to getting in a fender bender or worse, it is always best to ere on the side of caution.

You notice a yellowish leak coming from your vehicle

When you notice that more force is required to stop your vehicle or if the brake seems to fall to the floor without much pressure, it may be a sign that there’s a problem with your vehicle’s brake fluid.

It is suggested to take a look underneath your vehicle when you park it. If you notice there is a leak, get a white napkin, paper towel or other material to check the color of the fluid. If it is yellowish in appearance, your vehicle is more than likely experiencing a brake fluid leak.

If you discover your vehicle has any of these brake problems or you simply want to have your vehicle’s brakes looked at, we ask that you think of our team at Master Tech Automotive & Cycle Repair.

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