Why a Functional Alternator is So Important

Alternator inside a vehicle

If you own a vehicle, you have likely heard of an alternator, but you may not know exactly what it does. However, it’s an absolutely vital aspect of ensuring your car continues to run smoothly. That’s why it’s so important to immediately get it repaired or replaced if you notice any signs that it has started to fail. Here are a few reasons why it’s so important:

What It Does

The basic function of an alternator is to convert chemical energy to electrical energy, which charges and replenishes the battery in your engine and all other electrical components of your car. If you start to notice any issues with the electronic aspects of your vehicle, there’s a good chance it’s an alternator problem.

Battery Power

When an alternator isn’t functioning properly, it won’t charge the battery like it normally would while you’re driving. Meanwhile, the battery also must now provide more energy to other parts of your vehicle. This will overload the battery and cause it to either malfunction or die far sooner than it should. Without a working battery, you don’t have a working vehicle.

Trouble Starting

Even before your battery dies, you may have trouble starting your car if there’s an alternator issue. Because the battery is not being properly charged, it can’t start the car as it should. You may just hear a clicking noise when turning your key instead of the roar of the engine.

Failing Accessories

If your alternator is beginning to fail, it will affect all of your vehicle’s electronic functions. It may take more time to roll the window down, for example. But it also leads to more serious issues like making your headlights dimmer, putting you in danger when driving at night.

Without a functioning alternator, your car will not operate as it should. Instead of getting stranded with a dead car, get it looked at by a professional. If your alternator needs to be repaired or replaced, Master Tech Automotive Cycle and Repair can be of service. We’re here for all your auto repair needs in and around Henderson, Nevada. Call 702-641-9389 to set up an appointment today!

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