Why Have Smog Testing Performed for Your Vehicle

Woman coughing from air pollution

Smog (emissions) testing is regularly performed on vehicles to make sure they are not releasing high levels of harmful chemicals into the air.

These tests are often required in larger metropolitan areas, as these chemicals being exposed to the air can not only create a danger to breathe in but can create dangerous smog that makes it downright difficult to see when driving.

Smog testing will help ensure that larger metropolitan and urban areas have healthier air, are safe to drive in and more.

When you’d like to protect the environment, as well as your vehicle, make the smart decision and have a smog test performed by a professional mechanic.

It helps the environment

One of the best reasons to have a smog test performed on your vehicle is for the benefits it can have on the environment.

This testing will help determine what kind of chemicals, and how much, are being released from your vehicle’s muffler that can include carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbons and more.

In many cases, you may think your car is running fine, but in fact it can be spewing out large amounts of these dangerous chemicals.

It can find other issues

While these tests are mainly designed to find the afore mentioned chemicals, they can also help determine if there are other issues with your vehicle.

Often, a car that is releasing pollutants has issues with the muffler, catalytic converter and other parts of the exhaust system that can all be fixed up by a professional mechanic after the smog testing is complete.

It is required in certain counties

While the above are important reasons to have a smog test completed on your vehicle, a testing for smog is actually required by law for vehicles in many larger counties in the country, including Washoe County and Clark County in Nevada.

Should you live in either of these counties and be required to have a smog test performed on your vehicle, or you would simply like to have one performed to ensure your vehicle is running as safely and efficiently as possible, we ask that you reach out to our experienced auto repair team at Master Tech Automotive & Cycle Repair.

Based out of Henderson, NV, we will be happy to perform smog testing and any other auto repair needs you may have. Call us today at 702-641-9389 to get started.

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