Brake Repair And Replacement

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Signs You Need New Brakes

Brake Service in Henderson, NVMost people need brake service between 20,000 and 50,000 miles. Every car and motorcycle is different, and every person drives differently. If you tend to brake often or aggressively, you may need new brakes sooner than someone who drives in the country.

You should always pay attention to how your brakes feel. After a rainstorm or during the winter, they may feel different than during the hot summer. However, if you ever notice these signs, call a mechanic and get them checked out:


If you hear a loud, rough sound when you brake, you’ve likely worn down the brake pads completely. If you get to this point, you need to get new brakes pads right away. Without the pad, the metal disc and caliper grind together and will damage your rotors, which is a more costly repair than simply replacing the brake pads. You might even have to replace them.


Vibration can indicate a serious problem of warped rotors. This happens when your brakes experience frequent, extreme stress, such as driving down a mountain. When the rotor gets warped, the brake pad will not grip it properly. Avoid a dangerous situation and have a certified auto technician check your brakes right away if you notice this problem.

Reduced Responsiveness

This is a common sign that you need new brakes, yet many tend to overlook it. If you notice that it takes longer or more effort to stop, look at your brake pads. If they look thin, you should replace them soon before they wear down completely. You should also check for an air leak in the brake hose as well as a brake fluid leak.

If you need brake repair and replacement in Henderson, NV, bring your car or motorcycle to our crew. Call Master Tech Automotive & Cycle Repair at 702-641-9389 for professional service near you!