Check Engine Light Diagnosis

You’re driving down the road when all the sudden your check engine light comes on. Don’t panic; come to Master Tech Automotive & Cycle Repair for check engine light diagnostics in Henderson, NV. Our certified mechanics will run a complete diagnostic test to identify the problem. Call us today at 702-641-9389!

How Computer Diagnostic Tests Work

Check Engine Light Diagnosis in Henderson, NVAll modern cars have an onboard diagnostic system (OBD) that tracks your vehicle’s functions. This system monitors your engine, tire pressure, and much more. When something goes wrong with your vehicle, your system will typically alert you with a light or icon on your dash. However, some of these indicators don’t reveal the exact problem. When your check engine light comes on, how do you know if the problem is the alternator, starter, or something else?

Bring your vehicle to your local auto repair shop and a mechanic will perform check engine light diagnostics. We will use a computer to read the OBD, which will produce various codes that correspond to different parts of your car. Your auto technician will interpret the codes to identify the problem or problems under your hood.

Due to the nature of your car’s engine and its fine tuning, one problem can set off a host of other issues. A skilled mechanic will be able to repair the root cause of your engine trouble. This may require trying different solutions until the correct one is found. Your check engine light may come on for a minor problem, but it could also indicate a severe issue. Don’t risk getting stranded with a dead car; visit us today!

Reliable, Thorough Service

If you’re having trouble with your car or your engine light comes on, come by our shop. The skilled team at Master Tech Automotive & Cycle Repair can perform complete check engine light diagnostics to determine the problem. Once we pinpoint the issue, we’ll go over your options and let you know what needs repair. Whether it’s a simple fix or a major part replacement, you’re in good hands with our ASE-certified auto techs.

Call us today at 702-641-9389 for check engine light diagnostics testing in Henderson, NV.