Smog Check and Repair

If your vehicle needs smog testing in Henderson, NV, come to Master Tech Automotive & Cycle Repair! Our automotive technicians will get your vehicle tested quickly, and repaired if necessary. Call to book an appointment at 702-641-9389.

Emissions Requirements In Nevada

Emissions Testing in Henderson, NVEmissions testing is only required of vehicles in the urban areas of Washoe County and Clark County, NV. If you live beyond the buffer zone, your vehicle does not need smog testing. In order to pass annual inspection, your vehicle must pass the smog check. However, there are a few exemptions, including:

  • Alternative fuel vehicles (such as hybrids) for the first five model years
  • Diesel vehicles weighing more than 14,000 pounds
  • Motorcycles and mopeds
  • New vehicles on their first two registrations
  • Registered classic vehicles driven less than 5,000 miles/year
  • Vehicles from 1967 or older

If your vehicle meets any of these exemptions, you do not need to pass an emissions test or smog check. To pass the test, most vehicles model year 1996 or newer are checked via on board diagnostic (OBD) computer. This digital system analyzes your vehicle’s performance to make sure it meets state requirements. When your car runs, it produces various by-products such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and hydrocarbons. If your car emits too much, you will fail the emissions test.

Your test results will be transmitted to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles instantly and you will receive a Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR). If your vehicle failed the test, your VIR will include the details. Get a mechanic to help you interpret the results if needed. At Master Tech Automotive & Cycle Repair, we’ll help you understand your emissions test and provide you with repair options if needed.

Skilled Repairs By Certified Experts

There are a few reasons why your vehicle may fail the emissions test. You may have a faulty oxygen sensor, defective spark plugs, or another issue. Let our ASE-certified mechanics repair your vehicle so you can pass your state inspection. We always provide fast and affordable repairs from reliable automotive technicians.

If you need smog testing or repair in Henderson, NV, visit our team. Call Master Tech Automotive & Cycle Repair at 702-641-9389 today!