Signs You Need to Get your Transmission Checked

Part of a transmission system of a car

The transmission in your car plays a valuable role in allowing your vehicle to function properly. Its purpose is to ensure that the exact right amount of power is sent to the wheels to drive at your desired speed. When it starts to fail or not work as well as it should, you need to… Read more »

When to Get a Wheel Alignment

A car wheel without a tire

The alignment of the wheels on your car is something you probably don’t think much about until you’re dealing with some sort of issue. In fact, you may not even realize that the issue you’re dealing with is being caused by unaligned wheels. But a lack of alignment can cause a number of problems for… Read more »

Why a Functional Alternator is So Important

Alternator inside a vehicle

If you own a vehicle, you have likely heard of an alternator, but you may not know exactly what it does. However, it’s an absolutely vital aspect of ensuring your car continues to run smoothly. That’s why it’s so important to immediately get it repaired or replaced if you notice any signs that it has… Read more »

Signs Your AC Compressor is Failing

A man in a hot car tugs at his collar

There are few things more important to ensuring a comfortable summer drive than a functioning air conditioning system. Having to go without AC on those sweltering summer days can be unbearable. That’s why it’s so important to know the signs that your compressor may be starting to fail, so you can nip that issue in… Read more »

Signs You Should Get Your Brakes Checked

A driver steps on the brake

Very few things are more important to driver safety than a functional braking system. Your brakes ensure that you can operate a heavy piece of machinery at high speeds without becoming a danger to yourself or others. This is why it’s vital that the braking system in your car or motorcycle is operating at top… Read more »

Why Have Smog Testing Performed for Your Vehicle

Woman coughing from air pollution

Smog (emissions) testing is regularly performed on vehicles to make sure they are not releasing high levels of harmful chemicals into the air. These tests are often required in larger metropolitan areas, as these chemicals being exposed to the air can not only create a danger to breathe in but can create dangerous smog that… Read more »

3 Signs It’s Time to Have Your Alternator Inspected

Alternator inside a vehicle

Your vehicle’s alternator is one of its most important components, and when not working properly, can lead to a variety of issues. If your vehicle has trouble starting, accessories are malfunctioning or any other strange electrical issues are occurring, it is time to have the alternator checked by a professional auto repair team. If left… Read more »

What to Look for In an Auto Repair Shop

Mechanic Working On Raised Vehicle

When your vehicle is in need of maintenance or repair service, you want to make sure that you choose a reliable auto repair shop to handle the work. It is suggested you do your research before choosing a car repair team to ensure that your car is not only running as it should, but at… Read more »

When Should I Have My Vehicle’s Brakes Checked?

Brake Repair

When you’re curious about the state of your vehicle’s brakes and believe it’s time to have them checked by a professional auto repair team, it’s suggested to be on the lookout for a few common issues that can indicate a problem. It is advised to listen for any strange noises your car may make when… Read more »

Common Causes of a Faulty Car AC

Mechanic Working on Car AC

When your vehicle is experiencing AC issues, it is not only an inconvenience, but it can be a potential health hazard for you and any other riders in your vehicle. When the temperature increases in the summer months, it exacerbates the issue even further and increases the need to have your vehicle’s AC inspected. Make… Read more »