Shocks and Struts Repair And Replacement

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Signs You Need New Shocks And Struts

Shocks and Struts Replacement in Henderson NVDid you know that shocks and struts are different? Your vehicle will have one or the other at each wheel, with some having shocks in the back and struts in the front. While shocks only absorb bounce, struts provide structural support for your vehicle. Shocks and struts are not interchangeable; you must use whichever ones your vehicle was built with.

On average, your car may need new shocks or struts around 50,000 miles. This varies from car to car, of course, as well as on driving conditions. It’s a good idea to have them inspected around this time to be safe. A full suspension check will keep your car in good shape for the miles to come.

To test your shocks or struts without an unpleasant drive down a bumpy road, simply perform the “bounce test.” Push down on each corner of your car and see how much it bounces. If it bounces more than twice, you may need shocks and struts repair. You can also watch for some of these common warning signs:

  • Cupped Tire Wear – Looks like deep hills and valleys; caused by the vehicle coming down hard and unevenly due to failed shocks and struts.
  • Leaking Fluid – A leak from the shock or strut body may require repair or replacement.
  • Poor Steering – If you notice odd noises or stiff/difficult steering, you should have your suspension and alignment checked.
  • Vehicle Leaning – If your car dives or sways to one side when you turn, you likely have a problem with your struts or shocks.
  • Your Front End Dives When You Stop – This probably means your shocks or struts on the front axle are worn out.
  • Rough, Bouncy Ride – This is one of the easiest signs to notice, so bring your car in if your daily commute starts feeling like a bad roller coaster!
  • Damaged Mounts or Bushings – See a mechanic if you look under your car and see any apparent damage such as corrosion, denting, etc.

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