Timing Belt Replacement

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Symptoms Of A Worn Or Broken Timing Belt

Timing Belt Replacement in Henderson, NVMost vehicles need their timing belt replaced every 60,000 to 100,000 miles. Check your individual vehicle’s maintenance schedule for your suggested replacement date. While it lasts a long time, your timing belt eventually wears down. It is essential to the proper function of your vehicle, and replacing it before it breaks can prevent further engine damage. If you’re nearing the time when your timing belt should be replaced, watch out for these warning signs:

Engine Misfire

If a worn belt begins to slip, the cylinders in your engine will open or close at the wrong time. This can cause a misfire, which can lead to serious damage. Inspect your timing belt and call a mechanic as soon as possible.

Ticking Noise

The timing belt is attached to the cam and crank shafts, which controls the amount of fuel and gases flowing in and out of your engine. When these systems do not operate properly, you may hear a ticking noise from your engine. Have this checked as soon as possible as it could also indicate low oil pressure.

Engine Won’t Turn Over

If your timing belt has broken, your engine will not be able to turn. However, this problem could also be caused by a few other problems, such as a dead battery or bad starter. You should check all of these possible culprits, including connections and wires, for corrosion or damage.

Oil Leak

If there’s a problem with your timing belt, you may see motor oil leaking from the timing belt case. This may also indicate that your engine has been overheating. Get this inspected quickly to prevent more damage to your vehicle.

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