Starter Repair And Replacement

If you’re having trouble starting your car, there could be a problem with your starter. Visit Master Tech Automotive & Cycle Repair for local, professional starter repair and replacement in Henderson, NV. Call us for an appointment or questions at 702-641-9389.

Common Starter Problems

Car Starter Repair in Henderson, NVThough the name indicates that the starter is what starts your car, there are actually many other parts involved. If you turn the key and your car doesn’t start, you could also have a problem with your battery, alternator, or fuel system. Check the voltage on your battery and make sure it’s functioning properly. If it’s good, then start checking connections.

When your starter fails, it could be due to dirty or loose connections in your electrical system, a corroded battery terminal, or a worn out part. Check for each of these carefully, and clean any dirt or gunk away. If your car is still not starting, you may have a problem with the starter solenoid, flywheel, or starter motor.

Pay attention to the sounds your car makes so you can relay that information to your mechanic. If you see smoke or smell burning, it’s best to call a tow truck and get your vehicle inspected right away.

Call Your Local Auto Technicians!

If you have an older vehicle with a lot of miles, you very well could need a new starter or part repair. Our professional auto technicians will carefully inspect and diagnose your vehicle to find the problem. We will make sure your entire electrical system is working properly and your battery is in good shape. Whether you need an entirely new starter or just a new part, the team at Master Tech Automotive & Cycle Repair is happy to help.

Don’t trust the care of your vehicle to just any mechanic. Let our experienced, ASE-certified auto technicians take care of you and your car. We always work with precision and do the job right the first time. We also offer seasonal discounts, so check out our coupons before coming in. Call us today at 702-641-9389 for starter repair and replacement in Henderson, NV.