Fuel System Repair And Fuel Filter Replacement

A problem with your fuel system can cause serious problems for your vehicle. If you need fuel system repair or fuel filter replacement in Henderson, NV, call us at 702-641-9389. You can trust the team at Master Tech Automotive & Cycle Repair!

Common Fuel System Problems

Fuel System Repair Service in Henderson, NVThe finely tuned fuel system in your vehicle consists of your fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel filter, injectors, and more. When a problem arises, you can typically find it in one of these locations. Each vehicle is different, so it’s best to consult your owner’s manual to determine the location of different parts. It may also suggest the best time to change your fuel filter, which can vary from 20,000 to 80,000 miles.

Most vehicles nowadays use highly sophisticated systems to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions. Old cars may use different systems, such as a carburetor instead of fuel injectors. Know your vehicle and watch for some of these common problems:

Clogged Fuel Injectors

Fuel injectors have very fine holes that allow fuel to enter your engine. They are controlled by your car’s electrical system and can easily become clogged by particles in your fuel. Your fuel filter is designed to catch such particles, but if it fails, your injectors could be damaged. You can keep fuel clean by purchasing gas at reliable stations and using a fuel injector cleaner. However, if a store-bought cleaner doesn’t work, you may need a professional cleaning service by a certified mechanic.

Clogged Fuel Filter

Fuel filters are located in different places in different cars, but all need replacing at some point. Check your owner’s manual for a guideline. You may also consider changing it if your car seems sluggish, accelerates slowly, stalls, or has decreased fuel economy. It’s important to remember to replace your fuel filter periodically or you risk damaging more of your fuel system.

If you need fuel system repair and fuel filter replacement in Henderson, NV, visit Master Tech Automotive & Cycle Repair! Our skilled automotive technicians will make sure your engine is performing how it should so you get the most out of your car. We also repair motorcycles and diesel engines.