Often Overlooked Vehicle Maintenance

wheel alignment

No one wants their vehicle to suddenly stop working, forcing them to suddenly spend multiple hours in a repair shop waiting room or several days waiting to get their car back. Yet many people overlook some simple maintenance that helps ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly.

You don’t have to be an automobile expert to keep your car in good shape. Here are a few easy things you can do that will help you avoid big trouble in the future:

Check Fluid Levels

Every vehicle owner knows to go to the gas station when they’re low on fuel. But many do not keep up as much with the many other fluids that are key to maintaining a functioning vehicle. You should have your oil changed every six months or after driving a certain number of miles, depending on your vehicle. It’s also important to regularly check your brake fluid, transmission fluid, and coolant.

Wheel Alignment

You may not think of your wheel alignment often, but it’s an important aspect of making sure you stay safe on the road. If you’ve noticed that your car pulls to one side of the road while you drive or that your tires wear unevenly, this is a sign that something’s wrong with the alignment. You should immediately have the vehicle checked out. Even if you don’t notice an issue, the alignment should be checked annually.

Timing Belt

The timing belt is another thing that likely doesn’t come up a lot in conversation but is nonetheless quite important. It’s responsible for making sure that the vehicle’s valves are opened and closed at the right moment to maximize engine performance. If it breaks, it can cause serious damage to your engine that will require costly repairs. It’s recommended to replace it every 100,000 miles.

Proper maintenance is the key to ensuring a healthy vehicle. But if you do find yourself in need of auto repair despite your best efforts, Master Tech Automotive and Cycle Repair in Henderson, NV can be of help. Give us a call today at  702-641-9389 to get started!

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