3 Signs It’s Time to Have Your Alternator Inspected

Alternator inside a vehicle

Your vehicle’s alternator is one of its most important components, and when not working properly, can lead to a variety of issues.

If your vehicle has trouble starting, accessories are malfunctioning or any other strange electrical issues are occurring, it is time to have the alternator checked by a professional auto repair team.

If left unchecked for too long, a damaged or improperly working alternator can lead to several problems including a dead battery, damaged lights, frayed wires and more.

Alternator inside a vehicle

Your vehicle’s battery is dead or malfunctioning

When your vehicle is having issues with its alternator it can negatively affect the battery in several ways. It won’t charge the battery as it should while you’re driving, and it will be tasked with providing more energy to other parts of the vehicle which can cause it to malfunction or die over time.

If your vehicle is experiencing battery issues and you have a relatively new battery, it may be a sign that your alternator needs to be checked.

You’re having trouble starting your vehicle

If you’ve had issues starting your vehicle more and more frequently, it is suggested to have the alternator inspected.

With the alternator being a part of the vehicle’s electrical system, it is likely to cause a problem with the battery, which in turn effects the starter.

Vehicle accessories are malfunctioning

Another sign that it is time to have your alternator inspected is when there are unusual issues you’re your vehicle’s accessories.

This can include everything from unusually dim or bright headlights, issues with your windows going up and down, malfunctioning heated seats and more.

When the alternator isn’t working as it should, it won’t be able to send enough power to these accessories, causing them to malfunction or stop working all together.

If you’re experiencing any of the above issues with your vehicle, or you notice any warning lights or smell the burning of rubber, we ask that you reach out to our team at Master Tech Automotive & Cycle Repair today.

We have years of experience assisting with alternator repairs and replacements and will be happy to have your vehicle up and running as it should in no time.

If you need an alternator repair or replacement in Henderson, NV, call on our friendly and experienced team at 702-641-9389.

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