When to Get a Wheel Alignment

A car wheel without a tire

The alignment of the wheels on your car is something you probably don’t think much about until you’re dealing with some sort of issue. In fact, you may not even realize that the issue you’re dealing with is being caused by unaligned wheels. But a lack of alignment can cause a number of problems for your car from tire damage to poor fuel economy. Here are some signs that you need to have a wheel alignment done:

Steering Wheel Issues

Often, issues with wheel alignment can be diagnosed through another wheel: the one you steer with. For example, if you start to notice that it’s vibrating while you’re driving, that’s the sign of an alignment problem. When a wheel is knocked out of alignment by, say, a pothole, your steering wheel may begin to start vibrating, alerting you to the issue.  Additionally, a wheel that feels too loose can also be a problem. If you feel the level to which you turn the wheel and the level to which your car moves in that direction don’t match, you likely need an alignment.


Do you ever feel your feel that your vehicle is pulling to one side of the road despite the fact that the steering feel has not moved in either direction? This common symptom of wheel unalignment will cause you to have to steer in the opposite direction just to stay straight, making for an unsafe drive. If you’re dealing with this, there’s almost certainly a problem with your alignment.

Uneven Tire Wear

Your tires should wear at roughly the same pace as each other. If you notice that one tire is seemingly losing tread quicker than its counterparts, that’s likely an alignment problem. When wheels are unaligned, your car may put more pressure on one side or one tire. You can check for potential uneven wear by inspecting your tires visibly.

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